Sunday, January 24, 2010

Urban farming - do it!

This is a typical weekly "harvest" from the 3 dwarf citrus trees we have in our backyard. We only get the oranges and tangerines during the winter months, the Meyer lemons grow year round. When you think about how much energy goes into getting a lemon from an orchard into your kitchen via the supermarket it really feels good (and tastes better) to grow your own. Do it! It's easy, its cheap and it's healthy. You don't even need a backyard, they grow fine in a container. Happy farming!


Dimosaur said...

This does not work in BE climate ... but indeed this is quite impressive

Benoit said...

So, how many Mojito could you do with that???

Alex Roetter said...

you are a socialist hippie whose european traditions are ruining our fine country.


auriane said...

Mmmmmm on est toujours en train de deguster vos citrons precieusement!!