Saturday, October 11, 2008

Xterra Nevada 2008

Last weekend Goeric and Cedric competed in Xterra Nevada. This is a beautiful race with a crisp swim in Lake Tahoe, a stunning bike loop (Flume trail & Tahoe rim trail) and a hilly x-country run. At least that was the original plan. It was very cold and windy on Saturday morning, so much so that the sheriff's department decided to cancel the swim for safety reasons. Hence we traded our wetsuits for running shoes and a duathlon-type running start. I struggled on the bike, probably due to a mix of the effects of the guelsome cold and lack of practice, and Goeric along with ~50 others passed me on the 21.7 mile (34km) loop in the mountains. I made up few positions in the run, but it was a little too short to matter.
Here are a few pictures of the event. We will be back next year - stronger, faster, further.

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