Sunday, May 18, 2008

Auburn International Triathlon

Goeric and I competed in Brad Kearns' Auburn International Triathlon on Sunday. This is one of the most scenic races in the area (scenic=hilly and twisty=tough). Ray had been the instigator of the whole adventure but had a last minute "bike accident" and had to bail. To his credit he and Robbe still came down to Auburn to cheer us on. It was really warm this weekend (107F/41degC) so things got a little hot on the bike and then really toasty on the run. The race started as anticipated, I exited the water a little before Goeric, and then he caught up with me on the bike. Unfortunately for Goeric, his brake came loose and started dragging against the rim. This added handicap allowed me to stick with him, then pass him and pull away in the last 10 miles (he stopped a few times to try to adjust the bike). The run was brutal. Really hilly. Really hot. I don't recall running a slower 10K, ever. Still waiting for the official results, guessing a 2h50 for Cedric and a 3h12 for Goeric. Pictures.
update: official results ; Goeric's pics

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